Ultrawave’s Hygea 6427 hollow instrument cleaner now with dual cycle traceability

Ultrawave’s Hygea 6427 ultrasonic bath has long been supplied to hospitals for efficient, powerful, pre-sterilisation cleaning of hollow surgical instruments.
The Hygea 6427 combines high performance ultrasonic transducers for excellent cleaning results, with an internal pump and luer-lock system which flushes through the hollow instruments during the cycle. This ensures that both the internal and external surfaces of the instruments are subject to the powerful ultrasonic cleaning activity.

Incorporating the new Hygea control panel with anti-microbial surface technology, the Hygea 6427 is now HTM compliant, with improved operator safety. This also provides the advanced control and validation features which have been so successful on the Hygea 2.

The Hygea 6427 is supplied with irrigation ports which will clean up to 12 hollow instruments in a single cycle.

Cycle traceability and validation is now provided in hard copy via the integral printer, and/or electronically via the memory card port and Ultrawave’s Datalogger.
The electro-magnetic locking lid means that instruments cannot be removed from the tank before the cleaning cycle is finished, ensuring all instruments are subject to the same, validated cleaning cycle.
The Hygea 6427 is used in many CSSD’s throughout the UK. It provides a robust, reliable and repeatable pre-sterilisation cleaning process for hollow instruments used in operating theatre procedures.