Ultrawave’s Hygea 2850VM is designed for busy dental practices

Ultrawave’s Hygea 2 has long been regarded as the best ultrasonic cleaning bath for use in the dental sector. But for many larger practices with a higher throughput of patients, a machine with a larger capacity has long been desired.

Responding to this requirement, Ultrawave have developed the new Hygea 2850VM ultrasonic cleaner, which allows up to 90 standard dental instruments to be processed in one cycle. Combining the same features as the Hygea 2 but with a 30 litre tank, the Hygea 2850VM offers HTM01-05 compliant cleaning of dental instruments for the busiest surgeries and practices.

Designed specifically for the dental industry, the Hygea 2850VM incorporates the advanced control and validation features which have been so successful on the Hygea 2.

Cycle traceability and validation is provided in hard copy via the integral printer, and/or electronically via the memory card port and Ultrawave’s Datalogger software.

The electro-magnetic locking lid means that instruments cannot be removed from the tank before the cleaning cycle is finished, ensuring all instruments are subject to the same cleaning cycle.

The Hygea control panel also incorporates anti-microbial surface technology improving the safety of the operators.

Designed with busy dental practices in mind, the Hygea 2850VM has a large capacity of stainless steel tank. Supplied with the same two 3 tier basket systems, the Hygea 2850VM can clean 90 standard dental instruments in one ten minute cycle.