Ultrawave Ultrasonic Detergents Now Available For Next Day Delivery

Detergents are a vital component in the ultrasonic cleaning process. Ultrawave's ultrasonic detergents act as a catalyst in the overall process, not only adding their cleaning properties but also breaking down the surface tension of the water, intensifying the ultrasonic activity.

Benefits of using Ultrawave’s Ultraclean detergents:
• Aqueous based
• More environmentally friendly compared to solvent and other toxic chemicals
• No specific closed loop or vaccum system required (providing used in an area with plenty of ventilation)
• Safer for operator
• Low dosage in water

General purpose cleaning:
- Ultraclean M2, also suitable for light grease removal
- Ultraclean SA, Suitable for use on aluminium

Degreasing (Mild to heavy degreasing, in ascending order below):
- Ultraclean SPX, strong degreaser and carbon deposit remover
- Ultraclean CBX
- Ultraclean CS

Medical equipment cleaning
- Ultraclean M2
- Sonozyme 2, enzymatic detergent predosed for the Hygea 2.