Ultrawave teams up with MAS and Quantum CAD

Ultrawave is the UK's largest independently-owned specialist ultrasonic cleaning company. Formed in 1990, the company employs 27 people and operates from a 16,000 sq. ft in Cardiff. Ultrawave's prestigious client portfolio includes a number of blue chip companies including Williams Formula One, Rolls Royce, Royal Mint and BA.

Ultrasonic cleaning achieves a level of cleanliness few other techniques can accomplish and is able to reach inaccessible areas such as box joints and in between small serrations. This type of cleaning has gained in popularity with the phasing out of harsh chemicals as it is an aqueous process that is significantly more eco-friendly than solvent cleaning.

A significant proportion of Ultrawave's output goes into the healthcare sector; cleaning surgical and dental instruments prior to sterilization is a typical application - with the NHS being a major end user. Ultrawave also supply to the aerospace, automotive and other sectors where meticulous cleaning is critical to the correct functioning of many components. round ten per cent of company turnover comes from exports, with orders received from Europe, New Zealand, the USA, and the Middle East.

Ultrawave is a forward thinking company and has a dedicated product development department that aims to push technological boundaries. MAS Wales, in conjunction with Neath-based Quantum CAD, helped Ultrawave to modify and improve many of its products, taking advantage of technological advances, in order that its customers continue to be offered an exemplary product range.

Ian Corp, Ultrawave technical director comments: "Nobody else produces the spectrum of products we do and we are constantly looking for other applications for ultrasonic cleaning.

"We also provide bespoke solutions for clients. We pride ourselves on doing more than simply supplying equipment- we supply our customers with turnkey solutions. One of our key USPs is the self-validation function on our latest models that records when an item was cleaned, who by, and how long for. This kind of reference is extremely important in our culture of traceability.

"Thanks to MAS Wales and Quantum CAD we were able to upgrade a number of our designs, as well as improve manufacturing processes to give greater product yield, and enhanced productivity.

"We were grateful to Quantum CAD for helping us to resolve some complex electronic difficulties that occurred when we transferred a highly successful existing design to a different application".

"We also received significant support from the ITC programme to design and develop new products, plus a Welsh Assembly Government grant to help us take these new lines to market - comprehensive support that has helped our business move forward quickly."

On working with MAS, Ian concludes: "We received invaluable support with the high power electronics aspect of our new product development and design. We do not have this expertise in-house, and out-sourcing a capable and effective specialist moved things forward speedily.

"Overall improvement to our manufacturing processes resulted in reduced costs, and better profit margins".

As featured on the BERR Manufacturing Advisory Service website: http://www.mas.berr.gov.uk/default.asp?id=768