Ultrawave supply Customised ultrasonic cleaning system for specialised water processing applications

Ultrawave have over twenty years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment, our in-house design team work constantly to push the boundaries of ultrasonic technology in order to provide all of our clients with the very best ultrasonic cleaning equipment available today.

Solvent Reduction:

Supplied with cannisters, the volume of solvent used with this ultrasonic cleaning system is reduced significantly, hence a more environmentally friendly cleaning method.
Reduce cleaning time:
Up to 5 filters can be cleaned in a single cleaning cycle, reducing labour and running costs.
Digital process control:
Easy to use, giving full control of temperature and time.
Frequency Leap Technology:
Reduces standing waves for more homogenous ultrasonic activity throughout the tank for a more consistent cleaning action.
Side-mounted Submersible transducers:
Allows flexible service and maintenance of the system.
Adjustable ultrasonic power:
External generators for full control of ultrasonic power according to your specific applications.