Ultrawave Service Contracts

Ultrawave have introduced a selection of service contracts to ensure that your ultrasonic cleaning system is always running at maximum efficacy. We are able to offer a range of service contract options for benchtop, standard industrial and bespoke cleaning systems which can be tailored to cater to your precise needs.

Our selection of Healthcare Service Contracts are designed for Ultrawave's standard range of benchtop cleaners and the Hygea range. Smaller benchtops can be returned to Ultrawave where we will service them, while providing a loan unit to ensure you are never without an effective cleaning system. For larger baths and the Hygea range, an Ultrawave engineer will visit your site and carry out the service, minimising downtime.

Industrial Servicing is primarily carried out on site. Where necessary the ultrasonic cleaner will be returned to Ultrawave and a replacement loan unit supplied while the service is done. Industrial contracts can be set up for 1, 3 or 5 years and can be fully tailored to your needs.

For both Healthcare and Industrial Service Contracts, three levels of care are available. Please contact us to discuss options and find out what service contract can be established to most effectitvely meet your needs.