Ultrawave Launches New Ultraclean SPX Ultrasonic Detergent

Ultraclean SPX is an aqueous based alkaline detergent, designed for removing tough grease and heavy carbon deposits for a wide range of applications in manufacturing and maintenance.

The introduction of the Ultraclean SPX will complement our existing range of aqueous based Ultraclean ultrasonic detergents.
In addition, this provides an alternative to cleaning and degreasing using hazardous solvents. Under REACH regulations, a sunset date for Trichloroethylene (Trike or TCE) has been set for the 21 April 2016. After this date, Trichloroethylene will no longer be available and will be banned for use unless authorisation has been granted.
We have a wide range of ultrasonic detergents for use in descaling, metal brightening, general purpose cleaning and light grease removal, including Ultraclean SPX; a strong degreaser and carbon deposit remover.
The benefits of using Ultrawave’s Ultraclean detergents:
• Aqueous based
• More environmentally friendly compared to solvent and other toxic chemicals
• No specific closed loop or vaccum system required (providing used in an area with plenty of ventilation)
• Safer for operator
• Low dosage in water
Would you like to know how you may replace the use of solvents with more environmentally friendly aqueous solutions?
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