Ultrawave launch Sonozyme enzymatic detergent

Ultrawave have launched Sonozyme, a poly-enzymatic liquid detergent packaged in easy "tear and dose" single shot sachets. Designed specifically for use in the HTM2030 compliant hygea 1250, Sonozyme is for use in the dental and medical instrument reprocessing chain.
Sonozyme contains enzymes which break down organic molecules found on medical instruments into water soluble compounds. The particles of these compounds are then removed from the surface of the instruments through a combination of the cleaning solution and the ultrasonic activity.
As well as containing enzymes, Sonozyme has advanced disinfectant properties which ensure a safer cleaning process for both the patient and the operator. Sonozyme's bactericidal and fungicidal properties hold the contaminants in the solution, preventing adhesion to the instruments when they are removed from the bath.
Sonozyme liquid detergent is packaged in a plastic sachet. Each sachet contains the correct amount of detergent to dose the water at the optimum concentration. The corner of the sachet is easily torn so that the correct amount of detergent can be added to the bath every time. Sonozyme liquid detergent dissolves immediately in the water, meaning that there is no need for waiting or stirring in as sometimes necessary with powder detergent. When used in the hygea 1250, this single shot dosing system ensures that a validated, traceable and repeatable cleaning process is undertaken cycle after cycle.
Although designed and dosed for the hygea 1250, Sonozyme can be used in all Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaners used in medical cleaning applications. Visit the Sonozyme product pages for more information.