Ultrawave launch Q-Series ultrasonic baths

Ultrawave has launched the Q-Series of benchtop ultrasonic baths. This new range of benchtop baths incorporates a number of new features including Frequency LEAP technology to improve the ultrasonic activity within the tank and an SD port for digital cycle validation and traceability.
Consisting of 7 baths, ranging in size from 2.5 to 25 litre, the Q-Series has been designed to combine new technology with ease of operation and control. Medical, laboratory and other industry professionals who need precise, accurate ultrasonic technology can now command excellent, traceable and repeatable results from the Q-Series ultrasonic benchtop baths.
For the first time in an Ultrawave benchtop, Frequency LEAP technology provides vastly improved process results. Using advanced software the Q-Series applies Frequency LEAP technology to create a pseudo-random leaping action between a wider frequency range. This reduces standing waves and improves the ultrasonic activity occurring throughout the tank, thus creating improved cleaning results.
Each Q-Series bath is fitted with an integral SD port which provides digital validation and traceability of every ultrasonic cycle. When the supplied dual SD/USB card is plugged into the port, the set cycle parameters and cycle results are immediately saved on the card for easy transfer to a PC.
Ultrawave's Q-Series software allows accurate cycle parameter control and is simple to use in all applications. The ergonomic, angled LCD control panel gives easy visibility of the simple to use operator menu which allows accurate control of time, temperature, degas mode and the fluid level sensor.