Ultrawave Launch New Neon Series Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

We are delighted to launch the new Neon Series Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems today. Designed for use in a wide range of manufacturing industries, the Neon Series delivers improved cleaning and processing results with reduced system running costs.

Currently available in three sizes, the Neon Series incorporates an Integrated Recirculation System, improving product cleanliness and reducing the frequency with which cleaning fluid needs to be replaced, saving costs. The pump and twin filtration system is housed within the case, below the tank, ensuring that footprint and space requirements are kept to a minimum.

The Integrated Jetting System flushes water over the sinusoidal over-flow weir, removing contaminants which are then filtered out of the cleaning fluid. This filtered fluid is then recirculated maximising the cleanliness within the tank.

"The development of the Neon Series came about as a result of a customised project we completed for a major defence organisation” says Damon Beach, Ultrawave Industrial Sales Manager. "Working in the confines of tight space constraints, we developed a system using recirculation in combination with Frequency Leap Technology, but still keeping space requirements to a minimum.”

Designed to be as user-friendly as possible, the Neon Series allows easy drip dry of the cleaned components and the lid can be easily stored when not in use. The simple Graphical User Interface, allows easy cycle operation but also has Split Level Security for administrator and operator access.

Combining advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology, with an Integrated Recirculation System, the Neon Series will deliver enhanced cleaning results to all manufacturing industries.
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