Ultrawave Establish New After Sales Department

We are pleased to announce that we have restructured our service and after sales department to deliver improved service and support to our customers.

The new After Sales Department will be managed by Dave Musto. Dave joined Ultrawave in 2004 and in that time has developed an excellent understanding of our customers’ service and training needs across all industries. With over 20 years in a Manufacturing and Engineering environment, Dave has been the prime point of After Sales contact for Ultrawave customers for the past 5 years.

Consisting of 4 engineers, the Ultrawave After Sales Department conduct repairs, maintenance, testing, validation and training on all Ultrawave ultrasonic baths and cleaning systems.

"We work with customers both in the UK and abroad and are fully committed to delivering excellent customer service and providing support in all areas” said Dave. "I am excited to be given the opportunity to further improve the service we offer our customers and look forward to initiating further developments.”