Ultrawave add anti-microbial technology to the hygea 1250

Ultrawave add anti-microbial technology to the hygea 1250.

Ultrawave, one of the UK's largest independent manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning equipment has updated its Hygea 1250 ultrasonic cleaning bath to further reduce the spread of germs and risk of cross-contamination. The plastic case of the Hygea 1250 now incorporates SteriTouch anti-bacterial additive. This produces a 99.993% kill rate against MRSA over a 24 hour period, together with protection against other bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella, improving safety levels for both operators and patients.

Ultrawave have been manufacturing precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment for nearly 20 years. The Cardiff based company developed the Hygea 1250 benchtop ultrasonic cleaning bath 5 years ago in order to meet specific guidelines for the reprocessing of surgical instruments in the dental and primary care settings.

SteriTouch is a well established technology which utilizes the anti-bacterial properties of ionic silver. Working closely with SteriTouch Ltd, Ultrawave were able to incorporate the SteriTouch additive into the plastic moulded case of the Hygea 1250 ultrasonic bath. By impregnating the masterbatch powder into the rotational moulding of the Hygea 1250, the presence of MRSA is reduced by 99.993% over 24 hours.

The prevention and control of infection is a great concern for all healthcare organizations. The spread of MRSA and other superbugs in healthcare settings has been increasingly brought to public attention in the past 18 months, leading to greater understanding of the bacteria that can be present on all surfaces. SteriTouch is now incorporated into the rotational moulding of the Hygea 1250 case which together with further protection in the control panel means that the touchable areas of the Hygea 1250 offer excellent anti-microbial protection and improved operator safety.

Chris Czyrko, Ultrawave Sales and Marketing Manager explains: We are always looking for options to improve our products in ways which will bring benefits to the customer. The Hygea 1250 has always given excellent processing results when cleaning reusable instruments. By now incorporating the SteriTouch anti-microbial technology into the case and control panel of the machine, we can ensure even further protection for the operators and users of our equipment.

As well as supplying ultrasonic baths for decontamination of surgical instruments, Ultrawave also provide ultrasonic cleaning systems for use in the manufacturing of medical devices and orthopaedic implants and have recently gained ISO13485 accreditation. SteriTouch is an established technology in the healthcare market, used in a range of other products such as Autron Radiators, Aercon air stabilization systems and Rothband radiation gowns.