Ultrawave achieves ISO13485 accreditation

Ultrawave are proud to announce that the company has achieved additional ISO13485 quality certification - a pivotal factor in selling its cleaning equipment to medical device and pharmaceutical markets both in the UK and overseas.

ISO13485 - an international 'gold' standard that defines quality management systems for manufacturers of medical devices - will further enhance Ultrawave's reputation for exceptionally high standards, and will enable the company to develop and increase its presence in the ultrasonic cleaning equipment market.

"We have always been a quality focused company, but this new level of certification gives existing and potential customers the reassurance they need that all our systems fulfil the most stringent requirements, and that they can expect consistently high calibre manufacturing processes", explained Ultrawave MD John Melville.

With the phasing out of harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaning has gained in popularity, and a significant proportion of Ultrawave's output goes into the healthcare sector. Cleaning surgical and dental instruments prior to sterilisation is a typical application and the NHS is a major end user.

Other areas where Ultrawave is active includes the aerospace, automotive, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries - where meticulous cleaning is critical to the correct functioning and manufacturing process of many components.

"Ultrawave is a forward thinking company, and has a dedicated product development department that aims to push technological boundaries." said John Melville.

"Nobody else in the UK produces the spectrum of products we do and we are constantly seeking to expand ultrasonics into new applications. Our products are aimed at the top end of the market and are designed for sophisticated applications where critical cleaning is of utmost importance.

"Commitment to details is our USP. For instance, the self-validation function on our latest models records when an item was cleaned, who by, and how long for." he added.

"This kind or reference is extremely important in today's culture of traceability. Our latest certification will further enhance our reputation for dedication, commitment and reliability."