Ultrasonic Test Cleans

The Ultrawave Service Department can undertake test cleans of your contaminated items to find the most effective ultrasonic cleaning process for your applications. If you have contaminated components which you need to be cleaned, we are happy to run test cleans and recommend a bath, detergent and optimum cleaning paramaters for you.

Within out testing area, we are now able to provide a detailed report illustrating the most effective ultrasonic cleaning process for your requirements. Although we have cleaned a wide variety of components and instruments in Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaners, we believe there are many more items that can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. In addition the levels and type of contamination always vary, so undertaking a test clean procedure can sometime be the only way of establishing the most effective cleaning method.

If you require a test clean from Ultrawave, simply visit the downloads section of the site and print out the Ultrawave Test Clean Request form. Complete the form, send it back to us with the contaminated item and we will give you feedback on our findings.