Ultrasonic Cleaning For Veterinary Practices

The hygea 1250 ultrasonic bath can be used in the reprocessing of surgical instruments used in the veterinary practice.

Ultrawave, based in Cardiff, have launched a brand new ultrasonic benchtop cleaning unit, called the Hygea 1250, for use in veterinary practices.

The unit's purpose is to carry out effective decontamination of reusable surgical instruments. The process of ultrasonics practically guarantees complete debris removal and eradicates the need for human cleaning as part of the decontamination process.

The new units have undergone a complete redesign in order to bring them up to date with the modern surgery environment. The stainless steel outer skin that has been replaced by a fresh design made from wipe clean plastic. The fundamentals of the unit, in terms of the ultrasonics, remain the same as the other market leading units made by the Cardiff firm.

These features include a locking lid, fluid level sensor, programmable user system and full in-built validation printout as standard.

The validation printout can be programmed with operator details which are then recorded on each printout to provide traceability to the practice. The locking lid prevents the units from being opened once a cycle has been started which ensures that the instruments cannot be removed before they have undergone the full cleaning procedure.

The cycle time is pre-programmed by Ultrawave and the units use a detergent which comes in small polyvinylalchol sachet. This dissolves in the water and contains the exact amount of detergent required to create the optimum cleaning solution.

Installing a unit would reduce the cleaning procedure costs as it only requires a fluid change twice daily based on running several cycles throughout the day.

As featured in Veterinary Practice Magazine. Nov 2005