The NEW Espressonic Is Here!

The Cleanest Boilers Make The Greatest Coffee. See How You Can Clean And Descale Commercial Coffee Boilers In Under 1 Hour!

Espressonic, a new ultrasonic cleaning system has radically reduced the time to clean and descale commercial coffee boilers to as little as 1 hour.

Designed and manufactured by Ultrawave in Cardiff, the Espressonic has been developed specifically to effectively clean a 2, 3, 4 group boiler, pipework and other associated accessories.

Unlike a traditional acid soak, ultrasonic cleaning is fast, effective, more environmentally and operator friendly. It works by immersing items in a tank of liquid flooded with high frequency sound waves. These non-audible sound waves create a scrubbing brush action within the fluid. It is this scrubbing action that helps to loosen scale within the boiler, speeding up the overall descaling process.

Previously supplying its IND range ultrasonic cleaners to coffee servicing companies, vastly improved cleaning results were observed and reported.

"After speaking with various engineers and customers in the industry, it was clear to us that we could develop a system to help and improve the coffee machine maintenance process.” says Chris Czyrko, Sales and Marketing Manager at Ultrawave.

"Not all ultrasonic cleaners are the same, we worked closely with established coffee machine maintenance companies, and invested in our R&D to develop the Espressonic.” says Chris

The Espressonic offers rapid cleaning and descaling of boilers, streamlining the coffee machine servicing process. The main tank can descale a 2, 3 or 4 group boiler and its pipework while manual scrubbing is eliminated as the smaller accessories are decontaminated in the removable Bain-Marie tank simultaneously.

This dual cleaning arrangement together with Ultrawave's ultrasonics speed up the maintenance process drastically, whilst improving operator safety with a more environmentally friendly detergent. The Espressonic is ergonomic, easy to use and cleaning cycles can begin through a one button press.

Incorporating a pump and filtration system, the Espressonic offers further benefits by minimising usage of water and detergent; reducing running costs as well as environmental impact compared to standard methods.

Using the new Espressonic, complete cleaning and descaling of a boiler can now be achieved in as little as 1 hour.

Remember, the cleanest boilers make the greatest coffee!

Find out more about the Espressonic Ultrasonic Cleaning System here and start improving your servicing and maintenance process today!