Ultrawave Test Laboratory

Ultrawave’s Test and Research laboratory allows us to determine the optimum processes to meet individual’s cleaning requirements. We are able to carry out test cleans to ensure the ultrasonic cleaning solution we supply is optimised to suit your needs.

Our highly experienced Sales team has helped many of our customers in a wide range of industries to improve their cleaning process with our ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Be your objective to reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity, achieve higher quality results, eliminate cleaning with toxic chemical or whatever it may be, we are confident the combination of our ultrasonic cleaning equipment and our expertise can help you reach your goals.

Test Cleans

We offer a cleaning trial service, where we can demonstrate the cleaning capabilities and the high quality cleaning results you can achieve using our ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

  1. Cleaning requirement review

Get in touch with the Ultrawave team so we can understand your objectives/challenges you currently face.

  1. Sample assessment

Send in samples of your contaminated components. *

  1. Cleaning Trials

We will carry out the cleaning trials at our test and research laboratory in Cardiff.

  1. Return of components

Upon completion of the cleaning trial, your cleaned components will be returned where you can inspect the cleaning results closely.

  1. Report, advice and recommendations

We will provide details on the cleaning trials and recommend the most suitable cleaning process. This includes advice on product features and requirements, recommended cleaning time, temperature, ultrasonic detergent type and dosage.

Contact us to arrange a test clean here. 

*Ultrawave Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage caused during the test clean procedure.