Choosing The Right Ultrasonic Cleaner

We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying ultrasonic cleaning equipment to a wide range of industries for over 27 years. Our customer base includes dental surgeries, automotive/aerospace manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, tools and parts cleaning and many more.


Our highly experienced Sales team has helped many of our customers in a wide range of industries to improve their cleaning process with our ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Be your objective to reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity, achieve higher quality results, eliminate cleaning with toxic chemical or whatever it may be, we are confident the combination of our ultrasonic cleaning equipment and our expertise can help you reach your goals.


Contact us to find out how we can improve you cleaning process.

Cleaning trials in Cardiff

We offer a cleaning trial service, where we can demonstrate the cleaning capabilities and the high quality cleaning results you can achieve using our ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Find out more here.