Ultrasonic cleaning has long been recognised as one of the most effective cleaning methods for a diverse range of applications. No other aqueous based method is as fast or efficient at cleaning hard substrates or intricate parts as ultrasonic cleaning.

Cleans inaccessible areas

Ultrasonic cleaning is highly effective at reaching inaccessible and hard to clean areas of items. The microscopic bubbles produced by the ultrasonic energy are easily able to penetrate screw threads, hinges, hollow tubes, the smallest and most delicate items. It is this ability to clean even the most inaccessible areas which makes ultrasonic cleaning the ideal choice for cleaning complex and intricate parts manufactured in precision industries. Ultrasonic cleaning is able to remove dirt and contaminants from the most difficult to access areas with an effective yet gentle cleaning action.

The results that Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning can deliver is of such high standards, it is used for cleaning surgical instruments in hospitals and  is also used for cleaning medical devices.

Increase Productivity And Saves Costs

Because ultrasonic cleaning utilises detergent compounds in conjunction with electrically generated sonic energy, the ongoing costs of operating a cleaning tank are minimal. The unit cost per operation will vary depending on the type of cleaning compounds used and the items immersed within the tank. Like for like comparisons with other methods of cleaning demonstrate a significant saving in the long term on the cost of cleaning materials, equipment, and manpower hours involved in the procedure. Ultrasonic cleaning is energy efficient and does not require large applications of elbow grease, freeing up you and your staff to get on with other tasks while the ultrasonic cleaner gets to work.

Energy efficient Ultrasonic cleaning is not only environmentally friendly, but also energy efficient. Fast, effective cleaning using ultrasonic technology ensures low electricity consumption like for like with alternative methods, for cost effective and thorough cleaning first time with minimal energy expenditure.

Environmentally friendly

Compared to other cleaning methods, Ultrawave’s ultrasonic technology delivers a much greener solution for your cleaning process. It delivers fast and effective cleaning results, lowering electricity and water consumption, achieving cost effective and thorough cleaning first time.

Designed to be used with aqeuous detergent and water, Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning equipment eliminates usage, Health and Safety requirements associated with the operation and disposal of toxic chemicals.