Stay ahead in dental instrument decontamination

A new validated benchtop ultrasonic bath from Ultrawave has made ultrasonic cleaning of surgical instruments HTM2030 compliant. The unit benefits from a locking lid, integral validation and short cycle time to carry out the decontamination process.

The Hygea 1250 from Ultrawave is a brand new ultrasonic cleaning unit which is set to redefine the way in which dentists carry out instrument decontamination. Its use is already becoming widespread amongst other primary care operations, such as GP's and chiropractors and it is now available to dentists throughout the UK using proven Ultrawave ultrasonic technology.

Unlike many ultrasonic units on the market today the newly developed unit is housed in an attractive HDPE case. The Hygea 1250 boasts an impressive spec that is both forward thinking, technologically advanced and fully HTM2030 compliant.

Up to 30 operator names can be programmed into the digital interface and stored along with the surgery name. Each time a cleaning cycle is carried out all the data is recorded and upon completion of the cycle a validation printout provides an easily traceable report displaying all the information such as the operator who performed the clean and whether it was completed successfully.

The major benefit of the unit is the short cycle time required to carry out the decontamination process. Typically cycle times are a mere 6 minutes, meaning a set of instruments can be cleaned in less time than it takes to treat an average patient. The benchtop cleaner produces little intrusive noise so could easily be placed, and operated, within the treatment room. A locking lid prevents instruments being removed during the cleaning process and ensures a tamper-proof clean occurs.

As featured in The Dentist, Jan 2006. New Products Section