StarStream – Ultrasonic cleaning nozzle

Ultrawave are delighted to announce our collaboration with the University of Southampton to develop products using a revolutionary new ultrasonic cleaning technology – StarStream.

StarStream greatly enhances the cleaning capability of water while using very little energy or water.

Designed and patented by Professor Tim Leighton & Dr Peter Birkin at Southampton, this innovative technology has won The Royal Society’s prestigious Brian Mercer Award for Innovation 2011.(

Ultrasonic cleaning is widely accepted as being an extremely efficient method of decontaminating a diverse range of objects and products; from dental instruments to engine parts.

Until now, items to be cleaned have been limited by tank size. A key advantage of the new device will be portability, potentially useful in applications such as CIP (Clean in Place) systems in Pharmaceutical, Dairy and other food production units.

StarStream works by delivering a stream of water, charged with both ultrasound and bubbles, to a nozzle. Flow from the nozzle cleans the surface on contact. The bubbles work as "smart scrubbers” greatly enhancing the cleaning efficacy of ultrasound by entering crevices to seek out and efficiently remove contamination.

The device will work with cold water and requires little or no additives. It will consume very little power and use much less water than conventional cleaning systems; it may also eliminate the need for rinsing, as it rinses as it cleans.

Ultrawave think that this is the most exciting development in cleaning technology for many years and we look forward to working with the University of Southampton to use StarStream to develop innovative products and to augment our existing ultrasonic cleaning systems.