StarStream cleans ‘leaves on the line’ for the railway industry

StarStream is an innovative new technology which delivers a stream of water, charged with both ultrasonic and bubbles, to a nozzle. Incorporating the traditional properties of ultrasonic cleaning technology, flow from the nozzle cleans the surface of the item to be cleaned on contact. The bubbles work as "smart scrubbers", greatly enhancing the cleaning efficacy of the ultrasound by entering crevices to seek out and efficiently remove contamination.

The below video shows a trickle of cold water from StarStream (without any additives such as detergents) cleaned the rails and restored train braking ability. Keeping the water flow rate to low levels protects the ballast on which the rails sit, and removing detergent from the cleaning process reduces costs and protects the environment. StarStream was invented at the University of Southampton and the device used in this study was manufactured under license by Ultrawave Ltd. The study was funded by the Rail Safety and Standard Board.