StarStream – 1000 Times More Effective Than Water

The World's First Portable Ultrasonic cleaning Nozzle.

For the first time, the award winning StarStream enables the power of ultrasonic cleaning to be delivered from an easy to use portable device.

StarStream is a handheld device which directs a stream of water charged with millions of microscopic ultrasonic bubbles.

These bubbles work as "smart scrubbers", greatly enhancing the cleaning efficacy of the ultrasound by entering crevices to seek out and efficiently remove contamination.

By eliminating the need to submerge objects, StarStream provides the freedom to employ its cleaning power wherever required.

4 log kill

As part of a study, a major independent research laboratory demonstrated that StarStream is 1000 times more effective than water alone.

During testing on a steel plate, StarStream reduced the number of a specific microorganism, Pseudomonas aeruginosa by 10,000 fold. This equates to a four log reduction.

We are now confident that advanced testing will improve this kill rate further.