Overall Dimensions1235 x 525 x 830mm (W x D x H)
Overall Tank Dimensions1235 x 525 x 955mm
Maximum Tank Dimensions1015 x 175 x 550mm
Working Tank Dimensions900 x 690 x 870mm
Construction2mm thick 304 stainless steel tank
ControlDigital control
Time (0 to 99 minutes)
Operating FeaturesAdjustable ultrasonic power
Fluid level protection
Frequency Leap Technology
Hard chrome plated Submersible Transducers (Line Replacement Units)
Lockable drain valve
Remote generator cabinets with programmable control software
Sealed solvent canisters
Thermostatic cut out at 35°
Ultrasonic Power3000W RMS
6000W Peak to Peak
Operating Frequency30-40kHz
Heating Power9000W
Required Services220 to 240V
Warranty3 year warranty

The DX120DSG is used in the following industries: