Hygea 1250 approved for Scottish Healthcare procurement contract

The Hygea 1250 ultrasonic cleaner has been approved for Scottish Healthcare Supplies procurement contract for decontamination equipment. The contract, known as MEK005, covers the supply, installation and commission of sterilizers, washer disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners for Local Decontamination Units across Scotland.

The Hygea 1250 was designed specifically to clean surgical instruments in healthcare environments and conform to the specification guidelines as set out in the decontamination best practice document – HTM2030. Incorporating an electromagnetic locking lid and integral validation printer, the Hygea 1250 is an 8 litre ultrasonic benchtop cleaner which combines Ultrawave performance and reliability with full process validation.

The evaluation protocols for MEK005 subjected the submitted machines to stringent testing. Edinburgh Test Soil was applied to the instruments to simulate the most extreme cases of instrument contamination found in the primary care environment. The Hygea 1250 passed these tests, cleaning even the most hard to reach areas of instruments such as screw threads and box joints.

The evaluation process considers a number of factors including the machine’s technical requirements, the level of after sales support and the cost. Following evaluation and testing, the Hygea 1250 is currently the only ultrasonic cleaner available on the contract and will be recommended to practitioners throughout Scotland.

The Hygea 1250 is available in Scotland through R L Dolby & Co. Ltd, Ultrawave’s approved Scottish distributor. To find out more information, please contact R L Dolby on 01786 446640 or Ultrawave on 0845 330 4236.