Free Delivery For A Limited Time Only!

We are offering free delivery on selected models this March. Offer includes:
  • U-Series ultrasonic baths - compact, entry level baths available from 0.5 to 4.5L
  • Q-Series ultrasonic baths - Digital control with integral validation available from 2.5 to 25L
  • Qi-Series ultrasonic cleaners - Industrial grade benchtop cleaners. Available from 5 to 30L
  • INDustrial ultrasonic cleaners - Large robust tanks for heavy duty uses. Available from 30 to 80L
  • Neon ultrasonic systems - Precision cleaning with integral recirculation system. Available from 30 to 90L
  • Hygea ultrasonic baths - Pre-sterilisation cleaning of dental and surgical instruments
  • Ultraclean ultrasonic detergents - enhances ultrasonic cleaning performance
Delivery cost will be automatically deducted at checkout.
Available for online orders only. For INDustrial, Neon Series and Hygea baths please contact us to take advantage of the free delivery offer.