Exciting Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology by Undergraduates In Wales

Designed by Cardiff Metropolitan University product design graduates Andrew Hallam and Will Davies, Ultrawave is impressed by the finished projects completed by these 2 students.

The two students were initially given 2 design briefs by Ultrawave’s Design Team. Andrew Hallam focused on ultrasonic cleaning technology for Automotive applications.
Will Davies, was given the design brief with a focus on ultrasonic cleaning technology for medical applications – fighting against super bugs.

Both students grasped a full understanding of ultrasonic technology quickly through visits at Ultrawave and through researches they carried out.

"We are always looking to push the boundaries of ultrasonic cleaning technology and welcome innovative R&D ideas to continuously improve our product offering. The work completed by the 2 students has offered us a view from a different angle and we look forward to evaluating the detail for their intended uses,” says Ian Corp, Technical Director at Ultrawave.

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