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Ultrasonic Cleaning Terminology

Ultrasonic Cleaning Terminology

Analogue Control
The name given to a manually controlled ultrasonic cleaning unit. The cycle length is determined by a manually set timer and is set prior to each cycle start. 

Benchtop Cleaning Unit
A benchtop is a small to medium sized unit which has a small enough foot print to be placed onto a work surface or benchtop

Cavitation is the process by which microscopic bubbles within a liquid reach a size where they cannot support their own density causing them to implode.

Cleaning Cycle
The time it takes for an ultrasonic cleaner to complete its designated cleaning process.

Digital Control
Is the name given to a software controlled ultrasonic cleaning unit. Parameters such as temperature and time are stored by the unit meaning operation requires a single button press to begin each cleaning cycle.

This is the set of government guidelines created in 1997, which set out the processes and equipment requirements for surgical instrument decontamination.

Submersible Transducer
The name given to a metal case which houses a series of piezo ceramic transducers. These cases are submerged into existing tanks and are powered by an ultrasonic generator.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
This is the name given to the cleaning process where high frequency sound waves are used to create microscopic bubbles within a liquid medium.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Validation
When there is sufficient evidence (e.g. Printout) available to confirm that the cleaning process was completed successfully, or if it failed and why.

Ultrasonic Bath
Generally benchtop equipment which uses pressed tanks.

Ultrasonic Detergent
The name given to the cleaning agents which are added to the water to enhance cleaning.

Ultrasonic Frequency
This is the name given to the sound frequency created by an ultrasonic transducer. It is beyond the range of the human ear, and thus ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic Generator
An electrical generator used to power ultrasonic equipment.

Ultrasonic Tank
Generally an industrial unit utilising a fabricated steel tank.

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