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STF Load Check Indicator Strips

STF Load Check Indicator Strips

£50.40 (inc. VAT)
(£42.00 ex. VAT)
Product Code: C7012602

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The ultrasonic load check indicator test is a consistent, repeatable way to monitor the cleaning efficacy of your ultrasonic bath.

The indicator strips have been designed to perform in an equivalent manner to the test soils described in documents such as HTM2030 and HTM01-05. When placed in the STF Load Check holders, they represent typical soiling that would occur during normal use of reusable surgical instruments.

This is a bench marked performance test which is suitable for validation. The indicator strips mimic occluded surfaces to present a realistic ultrasonic cleaning challenge.

The ultrasonic load check indicator strips contain two sources of protein: Lipids and polysaccharides.

Supplied in a box of 100.

Note: At least two STF Load Check Holders are required to perform an accurate cleaning efficacy test in your ultrasonic bath.

See download section for full instructions     

The STF Load Check Indicator Strips is designed for use within the following industries:


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