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SMART Generator

SMART Generator

SMART GeneratorSMART Generator

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SMART Generator


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Ultrawave's SMART Generators are a digitally controlled power source for Ultrawave Submersible Transducers.

The technically advanced Smart Gens allow variables such as power output and cycle time to be controlled by the operator via a digital control panel. The operator can then ensure the correct frequency and power is inputted for particular tanks and submersibles to be set for optimum ultrasonic cleaning activity throughout the tank.

The SMART Generators incorporate Frequency Leap Technology to provide improved cleaning results. This is achieved by a pseudo-random leaping action between a wider frequency range, reducing the standing waves and improving cleaning activity.

Available incorporated into the machine or as remote wall mounted or cabinet located options, Ultrawave's SMART Generators deliver precise and consistent control to your ultrasonic cleaning system.

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The SMART Generator is designed for use within the following industries:


Maintenance & Reconditioning

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