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25th April 2017

Hygea 1 - The Latest HTM Compliant Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner Is Now Available

The NEW Hygea 1 is a compact, fully HTM Compliant Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner designed specifically for cleaning dental instruments prior to sterilisation.

24th April 2017

New Ultraclean CTA Ultrasonic Detergent For Metal Degreasing, Descaling and Brightening

Designed for use with ultrasonic cleaners, the New Ultraclean CTA offers an effective method for scale removal.

13th March 2017

Ultrawave launches the new IND-Series industrial ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrawave’s  new IND-Series Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are robust and reliable, delivering effective cleaning results for all manufacturing, processing and maintenance applications.

7th March 2017

15% Off the U300H and U2500H Ultrasonic Baths this March

Buy online this March and receive 15% off the U300H and the U2500H Ultrasonic baths.

3rd March 2017

The New IND-Series - Coming Soon!

Ultrawave's new IND-Series ultrasonic cleaners are effective and durable, delivering reliable cleaning results for manufacturing, processing and maintenance applications.

1st March 2017

Get 3 FREE boxes of Sonozyme 2 this March!

The Hygea 2 is the most advanced HTM01-05 compliant dental ultrasonic cleaner available, delivering effective and repeatable pre-sterilisation cleaning of instruments.

22nd February 2017

Ultrawave Ltd Completes Management Buyout

Ultrawave ltd, one of the leading ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers in the UK, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed a management buyout from its former Managing Director, John Melville.

14th February 2017

Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaning Best Practice Guide

Ultrasonic cleaning has long been recognised as one of the most effective methods of cleaning across a diverse range of applications.

1st February 2017

Visit Ultrawave At The Southern Manufacturing And Electronics 2017

Come and see us at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics in Farnborough this March.

1st February 2017

Leading F1 Racing Team Uses Ultrawave Ultrasonics For High Quality Cleaning Results

A leading F1 Racing Team is using Ultrawave’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment as part of its racing car testing and manufacturing process.

12th January 2017

Ultrawave Ultrasonic Equipment Accessories Are Now Available For Free Delivery

Offer is available for the following products: Thermal Print Roll for the Hygea 2 Ultrasonic Bath Hygea Ultrasonic Validation Kit STF Load Check Indicator Strips STF Load Check holder Hygea Valet Instrument Management Foil Ablation Test Hygea Ultrasonic Activity Meter Shop all accessories here Terms and conditions apply.

3rd January 2017

New Reduced Pricing for Ultrawave's U-Series and Q-Series Ultrasonic Baths

We are excited to announce the New Reduced Pricing for our U-Series and Q-Series ultrasonic baths.

11th October 2016

Northern Manufacturing U300H Winner Announced

We are delighted to announce that Nelson Finan of EMAS UK Ltd won our U300H competition at the Northern Manufacturing & Electronics show.

11th August 2016

See The New Argon Series Ultrasonic Cleaning System In Action

Available from 250 to 1000 Litre in capacity, the Argon Series delivers outstanding cleaning performance with cost saving and environmental benefits for processing large components or multiple batches.

4th August 2016

Vantage Drilling International Benefits From Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Global offshore drilling contractor, Vantage Drilling International has employed the latest ultrasonic technology to clean cylinder heads on board the Platinum Explorer drillship.

3rd August 2016

New Argon Series - High Performance, Large Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Available from 250 to 1000 Litre in capacity, the Argon Series delivers outstanding cleaning performance with cost saving and environmental benefits for processing large components or multiple batches.

28th July 2016

U2500H Is Now Available For Next Day Delivery

Ultrawave's new U2500H ultrasonic cleaning bath is ideal for cleaning small items in a wide range of applications such as podiatry, scientific research, laboratory applications, veterinary and many more.

12th July 2016

The New Neon 125 Precision Ultrasonic Cleaning System

The New Neon 125 consists of the highest quality design, delivering outstanding ultrasonic cleaning performance for processing precision instruments and components across a wide range of industries.

25th May 2016

Exciting Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology by Undergraduates In Wales

Designed by Cardiff Metropolitan University product design graduates Andrew Hallam and Will Davies, Ultrawave is impressed by the finished projects completed by these 2 students.

5th May 2016

Ultrawave Ultrasonic Detergents Now Available For Next Day Delivery

Detergents are a vital component in the ultrasonic cleaning process.

19th April 2016

The NEW Espressonic Is Here!

The Cleanest Boilers Make The Greatest Coffee.

18th April 2016

GMS Espresso Reduces Boiler Cleaning And Descaling Time From 2 Days To Less Than 1 Hour

Using Ultrawave's ultrasonic technology, GMS Espresso has radically improved the servicing efficiency of coffee boilers.

6th January 2016

Collaborating With The Centre Of Ultrasonics And Warwick University

As a member of the Centre for Industrial Ultrasonics (CIU), Ultrawave is always looking for new ways to enhance its products through research and development.

19th November 2015

StarStream cleans 'leaves on the line' for the railway industry

StarStream is an innovative new technology which delivers a stream of water, charged with both ultrasonic and bubbles, to a nozzle.

19th October 2015

Could StarStream be the revolution in cleaning we’ve been waiting for?

Heralded as one of the most important developments in ultrasonic cleaning in decades, a new piece of technology that uses only cold water and ultrasonic bubbles has the potential to revolutionise cleaning in the healthcare industry and beyond.

7th October 2015

Ultrawave Deliver Microscopic Cleaning Success To Linx Printing Technologies

Global supplier of coding and marking equipment, Linx Printing Technologies, have incorporated a 4 stage Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaning system into their new HQ in Cambridgeshire, UK.

10th September 2015

Clean 45 Dental Instruments In a 10 Minute Cycle

The Hygea 2 is the most advanced HTM01-05 ultrasonic cleaning bath, vital for the first stage in the process prior to disinfection and sterilisation.

1st September 2015

Smarter Faces For Automotive Instrument Maker Thanks To Ultrawave

Business Benefits   Less manual cleaning required Improved production processes Better paint adhesion  Read more here.

7th July 2015

Could StarStream Save The NHS Millions?

StarStream, developed by the University of Southampton, that uses just cold water and bubbles to provide better levels of cleaning than detergents became the star of the BBC’s The One Show, when it was suggested that it could save the NHS millions of pounds.

1st July 2015

Cheshire Classic Cars Drive To Success With Ultrawave

Ultrawave have supplied an IND2850D ultrasonic cleaner to Cheshire Classic Cars, one of the UK's leading classic car specialists with a worldwide customer base.

29th June 2015

NEW: HDX720 Ultrasonic Cleaning System

The HDX720 is a single stage, industrial grade, large ultrasonic cleaning system.

26th June 2015

Charles Butler Motor Engineers Reduce Cleaning Time by 25% With Ultrawave

Business Benefits • Cleaning time reduced by 25%   • Improved cleaning quality • Ability to clean tough oil and metallic particles from hard to reach surfaces within gearboxes Jeff Butler, Owner of Charles Butler Motor Engineers said "We are very impressed with the new Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaner, it is very effective and no other type of machine or cleaning process could achieve this same level of cleanliness.

16th June 2015

StarStream Wows On The One Show

We were thrilled to see StarStream feature on BBC’s The One Show.

3rd June 2015

NEW: Ultrawave IND145D Ultrasonic Cleaner

Combining high performance transducers and a robust stainless steel tank, Ultrawave's new IND145D is over 1.

19th May 2015

Irish Aerospace Flies High Thanks To Ultrawave Ultrasonic

A leading aircraft maintenance company based in Ireland is using ultrasonic cleaning technology from British manufacturer Ultrawave, to achieve the highest standards in cleaning precision aerospace components.

12th May 2015

Ultrawave Reduce Aerospace Components Cleaning Time By Up To 40%

Ultrawave, manufacturer of precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment, have supplied a 665 Litre system to one of the world’s largest advanced aerospace and defence suppliers.

1st May 2015

Oxford Universities Motorsports Foundation Achieve Perfect Clean Of Carburettors

Ultrawave donated an ex-demo industrial ultrasonic cleaner to Oxford Universities Motorsports Foundation (OUMF) for cleaning carburettors.

5th January 2015

Ultrawave Announce 3 Year Warranty on Ultrasonic Cleaners

Celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, we are one of the largest British manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the UK.

8th September 2014

StarStream Cleans Up With Another Award

StarStream, the revolutionary handheld ultrasonic cleaning nozzle developed by Ultrawave and Southampton University has picked up another major award.

29th August 2014

StarStream - 1000 Times More Effective Than Water

The World's First Portable Ultrasonic cleaning Nozzle.

22nd March 2012

StarStream - Ultrasonic cleaning nozzle

Ultrawave are delighted to announce our collaboration with the University of Southampton to develop products using a revolutionary new ultrasonic cleaning technology – StarStream.


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